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The system is expected to work easily and function properly without fail for 10-12 yrs. All was designed, constructed and installed by Pump repair services.
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Mid size construction of a complete irrigation watering system. This 4'' deep well is equipped with a 5 HP Franklin submersible pump motor with an L 90 Pentair pump producing 100 gallons of well water per/min.

The well water is pumped into a man made pond, re-claimed and used for a 39 zone irrigation system powered by a 10 HP centrifugal Berkley irrigation pump that is providing 140 gallons of water per/min. with a constant psi of 60#'s regulated by a 2'' cycle guard allowing the system to provide for larger and smaller zones as needed.

The irrigation pump automatically turns itself off once the irrigation system cycle is complete and the water pressure reaches 65#'s, which then opens a pressure switch and breaks the power circuit.

This system is not only more efficient than using a irrigation well. By filling the pond the minerals such as iron, odors, calcium are aerated and no longer stain buildings or sidewalks, unwanted odors are no longer present during the irrigation cycle.

Irrigation Wells and pumps save our customers Lots-of-money. Do your math and learn how much you can save. Average savings are dependent on the size of your irrigation system and vary from site to site. Is an irrigation well and pump right for your budget?

Call Steven @ 407-625-5499 and learn more about how you can save thousands and help your yard at the same time. Pump Repair Services has a vast knowledge of well pump service-repair and over thirty years of experience in the Well Pump Service industry.

We are commitment to customer service throughout the state of Florida. We offer all types of well and pump repair solutions for below ground well water supply systems.

We will provide the best solution for your water related issues and save you time and money. Our quality of workmanship and honesty stands above the rest.
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Water wells drilling contractor's from 2" and 4" Deep Wells to Shallow wells. Our water well driller's, will determine what size water well, will fit your family needs. How much water supply will be provided, the right water pressure and right size tank. 

We provide complete water well drilling packages - Well -Well Casing -Well Seal - Pump - Tank - Control Box - Pressure Switch & Gauge, Includes all miscellaneous PVC fittings and warranties. When we state complete we mean complete total quoted cost with no extra's.

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